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Jewels Of Creation

We Are

Sisters of the Morning

Mothers of the Evening


Daughters of the Sun.

We Are

delicate shades of Womanhood

perfumed  feminine essence

Princess, Queen and Empress


laugh, sing, dance and sleep

amongst our limitless families

bounded the halo of friendship

we each support.


speak and reason time without end

so in tune are we

that  unspoken thoughts are shared

through speaking eyes

and welcoming hugs of comfort.

We Are

graceful movers through

this turbulence called life

and provide  a radiant  anchor

to hold a weary sister

above the current of defeat.

Our Richness

for yes we are rich in spiritual love

shines throughout a million eyes

and glows beneath a skin ranging

from the sweetness of night

to the golden kiss of dawn.

I see true beauty

in the face of

all the wonderful women

that I know.

We are

Hope Eternal

We are

Twinkling Inspiration

We are

Regal Determination

We Are




Imani c 2012


Just Saying

To all my Queens
Blessings from I to Thee
You radiant beings who light my soul
Who have dried my tears with your smiles
Peace be unto you all.
From the rainbow of womanhood
We have all uttered that cry
Why Are Men Such Bleeding Crap
And sighed a millions sighs

I have come to the conclusion
years of scientific research
that our handsome, bright intelligent males
don’t want to listen,
don’t want to hear what we are saying
when we make suggestions for improvements.
We always want to go up
Not be dragged down
Our crowns are weighty enough as it is

It may come as no surprise
That when queens come together
We do exchange notes and experiences
Horror stories and nightmares
Of our relationships
And yes we do talk about
And try to see any reason for this
Universal Condition of Jackass
Which seems to affect a lot of men who like to
Lay down obscures laws under the thin guise of culture

Wake up and get with the programme
Stop chatting fart in our ears and get the job done!
Stop bad mouthing those who glamorise their living
and look to your own and ask
Am I enjoying my life, being the best I can be
Or am I weighed down by false reality?

Don’t you know that time waits for no one
Much less men than can’t be man
And ‘Soon Come’ done gawn ahready
Tomorrow is here
And now is ‘Life’s Spare’
Now is next year
And what have you got to say?
Your children are looking into your face
And what can they really see,
You tell me….

No ifs and buts and maybe
That will not do anymore
You are meant to BE
So reign in your ego
Can’t you feel your crown slipping
(Bet some of you didn’t even know you had one)
Step forward
A husband
A partner
A lover
A father
A friend
Just Saying……