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Someone Kicked Over A Big Bucket Up There……..

There are days sometimes when Brass Monkey Weather swaps with  Someone Kicked Over a Big Bucket Up There Weather.

And as I am writing, we are being  lambasted by really pissed off rain. The rain itself wouldn’t be so bad, but it has found a new dancing partner called Wind, code name Gale Force.

No mere umbrella survives this onslaught, the pavements are littered  with skeletons of cloth and metal. I am sad to say that my own umbrella, the one that I had boasted of being able to withstand anything, lost a brief fight tonight and nearly took my eye out in the process. And oh sweet joy, a bus full of passengers witnessed my vain battle to save it. Good thing they couldn’t hear what I was saying as I wasn’t pleading with the elements but  cussing up a storm of red poker hot words. A vicious gust ripped umbrella inside out, taking my breath from my body in a gasp of shock and plaited  the spokes together before my very eyes. It was like the storm was saying ” Yeah, that will teach you for even thinking that you can stand up to ME!” and I could have sworn that the wind laughed with hysterical glee. I gathered up the twisted remains of a brave comrade and dragged its battered carcass home , effing and blinding with disbelief as the tearing rain whipped into, on top of and around me. Made it to my front door and tried to open it but the wind kicked it open , spat me in and slammed goodbye. There is nothing more pitiful than a knackered umbrella, leaning in a corner, promising future glory but unable to deliver. Good thing I’ve got a large wheelie bin.

What happened to the April Showers of years gone by?  Rain drops keep falling on my head….no…more like… Come and get a kicking if you think you’re hard enough…

And the water shortage situation is still on!

SpiriCulArts – Ladydee & Good Times

‘Laydee’ by Imani c 2000

‘Good Times’ by Imani c 2000

These are just two of my smaller works and are both on yellow neon card.

SpiriCulArts – Heaven Only Knows…..



Heaven Only Knows is the name of this piece, as of all of my abstract metallic art, this one was the hardest to find a name for. I usually name my artworks on completion, I look at it and a name springs to mind.  I did think of Mad But Pretty but didn’t feel comfortable calling it that.

I would really like to start drawing again. I just lost the glow, the oomph to create from my heart.I didn’t and couldn’t feel  any artistic passion. Once I start a picture, I work on it on a daily basis or within a few hours, depending on the size. Now that I know why I feel the way I do, I can stop kicking myself with frustration and rage.




SpiriCulArts – IrieLocks

‘IrieLocks’ by Imani c 1992


‘IrieLocks’ by Imani c 1992

This is the only large scale picture I have done using water colour crayons as well as pencils. ‘IrieLocks’ is also the only picture in my collection  which is on white card to make the colours more effective.  This picture reminds me of my  childhood love of  ‘Colouring Books’  and the sheer enjoyment of completing various outlined drawings. ‘ IrieLocks’  is a version of ‘Locks Divine’