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Cultural Elegance Designs – Rings &Rings 1

Aluminium Statement Ring

Aluminium Statement Ring



Zebra Turquise Gold Plated Copper Wire Ring

Zebra Turquise Gold Plated Copper Wire Ring







IMG_20141021_102147639 IMG_20140222_134913855 IMG_20141021_102000230_HDR IMG_20141021_102124982



Love making jewellery and I find that each piece starts out from a basic idea.Sometimes I’ll just pick up a piece of wire and if the ring mandrel is close to hand, I’ll start creating a ring. I have also learnt that I can create different designs if I  double up the wire. Case in point is the first picture, my Aluminium Statement Ring. I also enjoy making Knucle Rings, the two examples I have shown here are made with 2mm Aluminium wire and the other rings are made with kunzite, jade and glass bead.  I would love to work with more softer types of wire but am still having fun creating items of jewellery.

SpiriCulArts – JewelleryImani

IMG_20140118_151347741 Aluminium Wire Bracelets

I know my last post had a different title, but think that from now on I will use ‘JewelleryImani’ to describe my ever growing collections.

As you can see,  my current pieces have a spiral or swirly type vibe, which seems to be echoing my abstract art.

I thought I would start off this post with  a photo of some of my Aluminium Wire bracelets, I just love the colours!  Aluminium Wire comes in a large range of colours and gauges, from 0.8mm to the largest I have used which is  3.5mm. I especially like Light Green  with Silver being a close second. This wire is light and easy to wear,  maintains its brightness and does not tarnish.



All of the above bracelets were made with 2mm Aluminium Wire.


The bottom two bangles in this picture are made with 2mm wire, I used 3.5mm wire to make the top bangle.


I made these bracelets from 1.mm Aluminium Wire.   Several strands were woven together to create this  design.