SpiriCulArts – Heartical Works in Progress

IMAG3738 IMAG3817 IMAG3814 IMAG3810 IMAG3813

New Year, time to start creating new works of art. I love working with metallic pens, specially gold and silver and am always looking for brighter pens or markers.These pictures are from my ‘Heartica’l collection and I am still working on them. ‘ZebHeart’ is the only one I have had framed so far.



7 thoughts on “SpiriCulArts – Heartical Works in Progress

  1. Greetings my sister, thank you so much for taking the first step in sharing your talents with the world! Here’s wishing you all the success you deserve. Will catch up with you soon. Big hugs and kisses – Shenan

  2. Blessed Love Imani. As you know I am a great fan of your work and have been for many a year now. I am the proud owner of one of your pieces which hangs with pride on the wall by my stairs so I have to pass it ‘go and pass it ‘come’ (for want of a better phrase!) and I aim to own more in the future. Keep doing what your doing as each one of your works are original and very uplifting and, you can be assured that you will not find them hang in many a person’s home. Hopefully they will soon become saught after pieces and may you receive the recognition that you so rightly deserve. Blessed love always… Lawless

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