Changing Agenda

This was not meant to be the title, I just pressed the wrong key whilst experimenting with various topics.  Mind you, I was going to say something about my plans for today which have sort of gone out of the window. It’s been quite dark today. The sun attempted to make a guest appearance but didn’t hang around too long and now it is dark.

Where have all the art supplies shops gone? It is a sad state of the times when most areas are fighting to stop the never ending growth of bookie shops, whilst places like art and craft shops are being phased out. We had a few in Lewisham, but now only have WH Smiths ( which is now half the size it use to be) and The Works sell art supplies.  Just found out that the art shop in Bromley is no more, so the nearest art shop  is based on the upper floor of a chemist in Brixton.  I might touch on this subject later, the changing face of our high streets, is this a change for better or worse?


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