Be Tolerant

Be tolerant unto others as they will treat you like wise
And be not quick to scorn that which you know little of
For knowledge of life is gained through experience
And every action you deal in has a reason.
Know too that every person is an individual
And that all views of society are different
As each one has their own opinions and beliefs.
Try not to overpower anyone who does not agree with you
Or ones who seem easily won over
As this will show you that a person will say anything
To avoid contention and so miss gaining your reasoning.
Overstand that in these times
The ultimate aim should be well being of mind and body
So take care of your structure and nourish your mind
With upful thoughts and peaceful meditation
A pause to allow time to digest what a one has said
Should be added before you open your mouth
And do not hasten to correct that which you may think is wrong
For if you let a one complete their spoken thoughts
You will not lose by listening but could gain new insight
Of the matter just spoken and not suffer thoughtless embarrassment.
Acknowledge the individual’s right to remain so
But keep a watchful eye or a heartfelt ear open
Greet each day with love and hope for those that come
Into your life
Close each night giving thanks for

Imani c 1984

I wrote this poem many years ago, in my BC ( Before Children) stage. I’m not too sure if I could write like this again, life had certainly tested my mental, spiritual and physical strength in so many ways.  Unlike some of my other writings, this one makes me feel grounded and connected with the outside world. Being unemployed can be so isolating and depressing, not to mention a bit scary when you realise that your talking to your cat and actually waiting for an answer!

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