Welcome to my world

Greetings and welcome to my blog. I have finally taken to plung to get something down , would you believe that I have spent quite a while thinking of something to write about? The weather has got something to do with this, when we get warm, sunny days in London, it’s like everyone is in a good mood. I saw the first bare chest of the year on the 136 bus.. if it gets any warmer all sorts of chests and beer bellies will be escaping from skimpy garments. I’ve seen some jeans that look like they have been sprayed on and the women wearing them always look at ease… I think I might pass out if I had to wear jeans so tight, but maybe I’m not looking in the right shops. You can’t blame us Londoners for going a bit wild when the sun makes a guest appearance and rumour has it that it might be warm again tomorrow. If we get a couple more days like this, it’s a mini heatwave! I am quite sure that up and down the land, wardrobes are being ransacked, boring jackets and heavy coats and shoes are being kicked aside for sandals and colourful flimsy or death grip lycra tops. And you can bet that foot massage machines, tools and implements have been working overtime. My sunglasses might even make a guest appearance!

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